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28th February 2021 


Supervision is a professional and ethical requirement for all counsellors and psychotherapists. I believe, effective supervision provides a safe place to enable the supervisee to discuss and explore their work with clients,, such as their presenting issues, underlying dynamics, transference and countertransference, the formulation and review of treatment plans and goals. Supervision provides the opportunity to identify and explore your thoughts and feelings you have about your clients in order to reduce unhelpful countertransference and to harness productive countertransference. Supervision is the container which holds the helping relationship - supervisor, supervisee, client and workplace.

Supervision allows time to reflect on development, training, providing opportunity for growth and involving challenges to previous assumptions and practices. Supervision provides the opportunity to discuss and explore additional issues, such as, therapist and supervisor accountability as well as ethical principles, legal and diversity consideration.

I provide a humanistic, integrative approach to supervision, incorporating, the Cyclical Model (Page & Wosket) and the Six Mode Process Model (Hawkins & Shohet). These models provide a structure for supervision which can accommodate a range of therapeutic approaches. I believe supervision is about support for the supervisee and protection for both clients and supervisee.

During our initial session we will discuss your goals and requirement for supervision, and then agreeing an informal working contract.
I believe that the relationship between myself and the supervisee is pivotol in maintaining an effective working supervisory relationship.