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28th February 2021 


Throughout our lives we all experience difficulties. You may find it hard to talk with your family and friends about the problems you are experiencing or may simply be feeling alone and isolated and there may not be anyone available to share your thoughts and feelings with.

As a trained psychotherapist/counsellor I can provide a safe and reliable relationship where we can plan and contract for the type of change identified. Working this way can be affective and powerful, because it relies very strongly on the focus of work being agreed together.

Through the process of exploration you will be enabled to identify and change various patterns from the past which may be having a negative affect on their life. Having a greater sense of control through understanding yourself better and altering certain behaviours and thought patterns will be highly affective. This is experienced through bringing about a greater degree of self understanding and enabling the you to find more satisfying ways of being and coping with difficulties.

The psychotherapeutic/counselling relationship is an exploration and a process of finding out and enabling you to come face to face with the reality of you own true self. It will give you the space to talk about painful and difficult thoughts, feeling and behaviours. Providing you with opportunities for personal growth and enabling you to get in touch with your personal power and give you insight into the choices open to you, and help you to gain control and make changes in you life.